AFHA Evaluation Process

The Evaluation Process

Where possible, head coaches are put in place prior to evaluations to assist in the process.  In some cases two or three individuals may be chosen as potential head coaches for a team and the head coach determined after players are ranked and placed.  All coaching decisions and changes in this regard are subject to the discretion of the Association.

Each player participating in the evaluations will be ranked confidentially for their respective team level.  

The head coaches are entitled to cut players from the Tier 1 tryout group and is also entitled to call up players from the Tier 2 group, as the head coach of the Tier 1 team deems appropriate. The same procedure is applicable to the Tier 2 Head Coach.

The Head Coach of the teams, as applicable, will decide which players make their respective teams.  Where a head coach is not in place during the tryouts, the Association will make other arrangements. Coaches may elect to continue with a working group in whatever format they consider necessary in order to further evaluate.

The total number of players, and the number of players for each position, a team carries, is minimum of 12 and a goalie subject to the approval of the President or Director of Player Development (or their designate) in consultation with the Head Coach.

Any player that is released from the tryouts will be assigned to the working group of the Tier below team for placement consideration on the next Tier team. 

What to Expect and What is Expected During Evaluations

Players registered for evaluations must attend every evaluation session.  When a player cannot attend an evaluation, or needs to arrive late or leave early, she should contact the Coaching Coordinators or Director of Player Development at least 24 hours prior to the session.  Any health or other issues that may impact the player’s evaluation must be discussed with the Coaching Coordinators or Director of Player Development at least 24 hours prior to the session.

The Coaching Coordinators and Director of Player Development will address these situations on a case by case basis at their discretion.

Players will be evaluated based on the position that they signed up for in their evaluation registration. 

At check-in, each player will receive a jersey and number. Evaluators refer to the jersey colour and/or number to rank players. Players should not switch their assigned jerseys with other players unless requested by evaluators, should not tuck in their jersey and should make sure that their hair does not cover up the jersey number. Goaltenders are asked to wear their number in the front. Jerseys must be returned after each evaluation session.

Generally, the first evaluation session will involve primarily skills and drills, and the second and third sessions may incorporate game situations and/or scrimmages. It may be necessary to release players from evaluations in order to limit numbers or balance the level of players during the evaluation scrimmage games.

Parents and others are asked to stay clear as much as possible from the evaluators to allow them do their job without interruption or without worrying about others overhearing their comments to each other. It is essential that evaluators are able to speak candidly to each other during the evaluation process.

The evaluation format and schedule is subject to change due to administrative and other requirements beyond the control of the association.