Updated Arena Covid Safety Plans from Abbotsford Parks & Recreation.


They have updated this to eliminate spectators from all events – this means effective immediately we are no longer allowed 1 spectator per child for practices.


For practices we do have greater capacity to have volunteers in the building and the following should be allowed with their position clearly documented on the attendance sheets:



Up to 5 on-ice coaches

Up to 4 Locker Room Moms (2 / dressing Room)


1 Manager

1 Covid Officer


As compared to games which have the following limits:



2 Coaches

2 Locker Room Moms


1 Manager

1 Covid Officer


2-3 Refs (depending on level)

1 Clock Operator

1 Score Keeper


All volunteers need to wear a mask when not on the field of play and unable to physically distance.

This also includes coaches / HCSP on benches for games.


Click the link to see a copy of the City of Abbotsford COVID 19 Arena User Groups Safety Plan