Great news from PCAHA, games will be scheduled for some teams as soon as October 13th.

The plan is to form “cohorts” of 3 to 4 teams (picked by PCAHA) which will play each other during a 3 week period. Teams will then have a period of 2 weeks with no games. PCAHA will then form new cohorts and play another 3 week schedule and repeat this process for the season.

Starting dates will be staggered depending on age group:

  • Starting Oct 13 for U13 and U18
  • Starting Oct 27 for U11, U15 and U21


This schedule should provide a safe way back to hockey by minimizing the amount of players interacting with each other but also get them back to playing the game they love.


The AFHA board has been working hard on finalizing the teams for this year. There have been many challenges that we have had to overcome but we are getting close to resolving these issues. We only want to make any moves one time as changing players around requires them to quarantine from games and scrimmages for 14 days each time they move.

Thank you for your patience, we should have the teams finalized by Sept 30th.