This is a reminder to all members of the protocol regarding games where no officials are present.


In accordance with our procedures, in minor hockey categories it is required that officials arrive at the arena a minimum of thirty (30) minutes prior to a game (Hockey Canada Officiating Manual: Section 3).


Should it be discovered that officials are not present for a game, the home team should immediately contact our Association President – Darcy Forcier (604) 866-5125 as well as the Association Referee in Chief (RIC)  Jerad Forsberg (778) 242-2248.


Should it be determined that officials are not immediately available, delayed for any reason or the game has gone inadvertently unassigned; the following Hockey Canada playing rule shall be employed:

              Rule 5.2 Referee and Linesmen

         (k)           If for whatever reason, the Referee or Linesperson appointed are prevented from appearing, the   Managers or Coaches of the two competing clubs shall agree on a Referee and one or two Linesperson. If they are unable to agree, they shall appoint a player from each team who shall act as officials.     

It is recommended (but not required) that coaches and managers survey their players regarding current or previous Hockey Canada Officiating Program (HCOP) certification, to assist in identifying the most appropriate temporary official(s). However, the players appointed in these circumstances are not required to have previous officiating experience. Upon the arrival of qualified officials, the players acting as temporary officials may participate in the remainder of the game in their regular playing capacity.

In the case of atom hockey games, coaches of the competing teams or other registered teams may have to be utilized as a Referee or Linesperson. The key aspect of this procedure is that no game is to be cancelled due to a lack of officials.



Procedure: When no Officials Present for a Game

1.    Home Team must contact President and the RIC.

2.    Replacement officials are to be arranged in as timely a manner as possible.

3.    If the game cannot be delayed or must commence prior to replacement officials arriving, Rule 5.2 (k) shall be utilized in a temporary capacity until replacement officials arrive.