Ice Allocation F.A.Q.


Who is the Ice Allocator for the 2017-2018 Season?

Brian Vankoughnett.

How can he be reached?

How does he decide what ice times to allocate?

At the beginning of the season, the Board decides what ice slots will roughly go to what teams.

How many Ice times a week does a team get?

Recreational teams usually get 2 ice slots a week.

Representative Teams usually get about 3 Ice Slots a week.

Why do Rep Teams get more ice?

Rep players pay an extra Rep fee which covers the cost of extra ice.

Why can’t recreational teams pay extra to get 3 times a week?

There is not enough Ice available to rent.

Why is there not enough Ice available to Rent?

There are many associations, clubs, schools and city programs that use up all the available ice from the City.

Are their extra development sessions for recreational players?

Randy Zinn runs a program every Friday 4:30-5:40 at Centre Ice. This ice session is rotated through the Recreational teams from Novice to Midget.

To start the year off, why does the schedule only get released weekly?

The beginning of the season is very busy and we don’t have all of our ice slots available.

Why do you not have all of the slots available in September?

We do not get all of our reoccurring ice times until Late September / beginning of October.

Once the season is in full swing, how often will we get the schedule?

The schedule will be released about a month at a time.

Why only a month at a time?

PCAHA sends the schedule out in pieces (Tiering, Regular season before Christmas, Regular season after Christmas and Playoffs) plus we have to shuffle conflict ice times.

What is a conflict Ice time?

A game has been scheduled, but one of the teams can’t make it due to various reasons.

Why would PCAHA do that?

They have thousands of teams to schedule with a set amount of ice times and rinks.

On the PCAHA website under teamlink, it shows a schedule, do we go by that?

No, you need to go by the schedule from the ice allocator which is stored in Teamsnap.

What is Teamsnap?

A helpful program to track when, where, and who will be at ice slots.

How will teams be updated with the Schedule?

The Ice allocator will email the managers of each team their monthly schedule and the mangers will update Teamsnap.

You can also see all the teams games listed on the website but that is for guests and friends as players should be using Teamsnap.

How does a manger request extra ice?

The manager can send an email to the ice allocator, but there is rarely any extra ice available.

He might be able to get you an ice slot that was turned back in but remember that you need to have the ice before you request an exhibition game to another team, not the other way around.

Ice gets turned back in?

Team managers will notify the ice allocator as soon as possible if they can’t use an ice so other teams can use it.

Can managers swap with each other?

No, it all has to go through the ice allocator to ensure proper insurance will remain in place.

Why do I have a Tuesday 6am Practice?

This ice slot is rotated through the teams and it takes the place of a normally scheduled practice that week.

Can I turn the 6am Practice back in?

You certainly can if you give enough notice but also note that you will have one less practice that week.

Why would we get one less Practice if we turned it back in?

The 6am practice will replace a normally reoccurring practice slot for that week.

If I have any more questions, who should I contact?

Please contact you team manager.