The Tyke girls played their 4th exhibition game of the season and what a beauty it was as every single player was able to score a goal in the game.

For Two girls in Particular, Cruz Martin – Harris and Jaimie Gabriel, it was a very special night as they were able to score their first goals ever!

We have a rule in Tyke, where a player you can only score a maximum of 3 Goals per game (The Gretzky Rule) however, we have a team rule, that once a player gets 2 goals, she can’t score the 3rd goal until she has received 2 assists (Passing the puck directly to someone else who scores). Well it was a success as 3 players, Myra Fletcher, Elena Osterberg, and Charlotte Forsberg, all managed to score their 3 goals (Hat-Trick) meaning they set up 6 other goals before they could score their final one, such teamwork!

Other highlights from the game included Erin Pym with her first 2 goal game, Kaylyn Halwas  and her super speed, Katherine with her Super Hard Shot, Sophie Hebert, just called up from the Development team, couldn’t be stopped, as nobody takes her puck, nobody (So she tells me), and finally, Lucy Orr, who normally is a goal scoring phenom like her last name suggests, but she decided to try out playing goalie for the game, and although she had fun in net, She can’t wait to get back into the next game as a player.

Both the Tyke (2010) and the Tyke Development team (2011, 2012, 2013) will be playing this Sunday at the same time using the Cross Ice format. Come by MSA arena at 9:45am  to watch one of the most enjoyable hockey games you will ever see.

Please enjoy the picture gallery below: