Cross Ice Initiation (Tyke) & Novice 2018 Jamboree

All games take place at

MSA Arena

2323 Emerson Road Abbotsford, BC V2T 1N3

Phone - 604-557-4406

Please contact for any questions.

Stay tuned for more info coming this week.

Initiation Teams & Schedule

Saturday Feb 3 2018 (Initiation)

StartEndEast Game
West Game
10:00am11:00amTeam 1 VS Team 2Team 3 VS Team 4
11:00am11:15amIce Clean
11:15am12:15pmTeam 1 VS Team 4Team 2 VS Team 3
12:15pm12:30pmIce Clean
1:15pm2:15pmTeam 3 VS Team 1Team 2 VS Team 4

Initiation Team 1

Players NameAssociationPosition
Eva WarkentinAFHASkater
Sophie HebertAFHASkater
Mayah MirzaAFHASkater
Hannah SaundersAbbotsford MinorSkater
Georgia ValleeAbbotsford MinorSkater
Sofia TriplettPitt MeadowsSkater
Katrina SavillePort Coquitlam Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Keira BuxtonRichmond RavensSkater
Breanna Kennett-SmithRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater
Brenna PontesRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater

Initiation Team 2

Brynne PaulAFHASkater
Kennedy JohansonAFHASkater
Kaylie HoodAFHASkater
Jordyn BallAbbotsford Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Kelsey SydorBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Krista UngerRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater
Kianna TruemanPort Coquitlam Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Sonya DyckRichmond RavensSkater
Addison DosanjhRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater
Halle HartyRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater

Initiation Team 3

Anja de VriesAFHASkater
Ayla brakeAFHASkater
Jaya DhillonAFHASkater
Gurleen SandhuAbbotsford Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Blair williamsonRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater
Dayna GillandersRichmond RavensSkater
Erica HoRichmond RavensSkater
Scarlett BlaisRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater
Hazel Fitz-GeraldRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater

Initiation Team 4

Josephine ThorntonAFHASkater
Harmoie WindAFHASkater
Laura AhlersAbbotsford Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Johanna SawatzkyAbbotsford Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Hannah Bruce-WalkemChilliwack Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Ava BreedveldPort Coquitlam Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Claire GillandersRichmond RavensSkater
Eloise BrattRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater
Caitlyn CardasRidge Meadows BarracudasSkater


Novice Teams & Schedule

Sunday Feb 4 2018 (Novice)

StartEndEast Game
West Game
11:15am12:00pm1 VS 23 VS 4
12:00pm12:45pm5 VS 67 VS 8
12:45pm1:00pmIce Clean
1:00pm1:45pm1 VS 42 VS 3
1:45pm2:30pm5 VS 86 VS 7
2:30pm2:45pmIce Clean
2:45pm3:30pm4 VS 23 VS 1
3:30pm4:15pm8 VS 67 VS 5

Novice Team 1

Sara PaulAFHAGoalie
Kaylyn halwasAFHASkater
Sienna SalvestroBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Michaela LarsonBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Gemma SeguinMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Emilia WoodworthTri-Cities Female Hockey
Quinn HartyMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
PILE, SARAH-LYNNE Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
HADZIC, BRYNNE PEYTON Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
Asha BalSkater

Novice Team 2

sophia BosnicSkater
Natasha van LochemAFHASkater
Charlotte ForsbergAFHASkater
Korina ZhouBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationGoalie
Akilah JafferBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
HAEBER, AMELIA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
VEGA-PATINO, NATALIA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
SAKHRANI, KATIA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
BROSSARD, GABRIELLA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater

Novice Team 3

Kathryn swintAFHASkater
Kyla JohansonAFHASkater
Sophia Bruce-WalkemChilliwack Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Erica TuftsMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationGoalie
Charlie KallinMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Mya YoungRichmond RavensGoalie
BEZA, NAKAYLA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
BLANE, KINLEIGH Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
AITKEN, OLIVIA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater

Novice Team 4

Erin PymAFHASkater
Myra FletcherAFHASkater
Isabelle CoradoMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Tmira SirovyakMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Sterling JeromeSouth DeltaSkater
Danielle KaySouth DeltaSkater
JESSOME, ANNIKA FRANZISKA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Goalie
KUCHKA, SYDNEY Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
LAU, CONSTANCE Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
MOORE, CAITLIN Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater

Novice Team 5

Brooke PankiwAFHASkater
Lucy OrrAFHASkater
Tessa WickerChilliwack Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Scarlett RajMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Brianna SavillePoCo Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Hailey FrameTri-cities Female HockeySkater
ROBINSON, PAIGE Tri-cities Female HockeyGoalie
KIM, KAITLYN Tri-cities Female HockeyGoalie
CIRIP, ARIELLE Tri-cities Female HockeySkater
CARELLA, GIA Tri-cities Female HockeySkater

Novice Team 6

Shaye lee LaroseAFHASkater
Jaimie GabrielAFHASkater
Addison KiljanAFHASkater
Madelyn DominatoAbbotsford Minor HockeySkater
Isabelle DowellBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Jillian FarquharMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Addilynn BluePoCo Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
FIRBANK, OLIVIA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Goalie
WANG, EMILY Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
GALANOS, JAYDA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater

Novice Team 7

Priya PandherAFHASkater
Maggy ForcierAFHASkater
Kaiya YamagataBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Kessa RobertsBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
VanessaMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
DORLAND, ADDISON Tri-Cities Female Hockey Goalie
PEARSE, CATE Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
MOFFET, TEAGAN Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
RUKAVINA, JULIA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater

Novice Team 8

Amaani GillAFHASkater
Elena OsterbergAFHASkater
Chloe YaeBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Francesca InocallaBurnaby Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Lucy LadefogedLangley LighteningGoalie
Finnley ElgieMeadow Ridge Female Minor Hockey AssociationSkater
Hanna NishiRichmond RavensGoalie
MERINUK, LUCIE HELEN Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
FRAME, HAILEY. Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
PETTY, ZOE Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater
JIMENEZ, OLIVIA Tri-Cities Female Hockey Skater


February 3rd and 4th, 2018

All rules set forth by Hockey Canada, British Columbia Amateur Hockey Association
(BCAHA) and Pacific Coast Amateur Hockey Association (PCAHA) shall apply.

Tournament Details:

This is a free event for girls currently registered on an Initiation (Tyke) or Novice Minor Hockey Team in Canada.

It will be Cross Ice Format Jamboree Event (All players mixed up from various associations) and each player has to sign up individually.

Feb 3, 2018 will be for Initiation Players

Feb 4, 2018 will be for Novice Players