2018-2019 Rep Information

2018-2019 Tryout Times

PeeWee Black (Intro to Rep)

Wed, Sept 5 6:00-7:00pmMRC
Fri, Sept 7 6:00-7:00pmMRC
Sat, Sept 8 12:00-1:15pmMRC
Sun, Sept 9 11:00am-12:15pmMRC

Bantam Rep

Wed, Sept 57:15-8:15pmMRC
Fri, Sept 7 7:15-8:15pmMRC
Sat, Sept 8 1:30-4:00pmMRC
Sun, Sept 9 12:30-1:45pmMRC

Midget Rep

Wed, Sept 58:30-9:30pmMRC
Fri, Sept 78:30-9:30pmMRC
Sat, Sept 81:30-4:00pmMRC
Sun, Sept 9 2:00-3:15pmMRC


2018/19 Season

There will be a non-refundable fee for all Player tryouts of $100. There are a minimum of 3 tryout sessions and the players are guaranteed at least 3 sessions. The fee is structured to recover the costs incurred during the tryout sessions. Each player is expected to be at all of the tryout sessions. The Rep Coordinator must be notified if the player is not going to be at a session as this could affect the player’s scores.

The tryout session will be based on the following at the discretion of the coach. The first session will consist of skills for the first half of the session and small area games for the second half. The second and third sessions will consist of a controlled scrimmage. If the coach requires more sessions to make the final decisions, they can take those player and continue to evaluate them at the team’s regular ice times. The coach will do their best to select their team in a timely manner.

There will be three to five independent evaluators including the head coach. The evaluators are expected to attend all three tryout sessions. The evaluators will be given a standard evaluation sheet to use. Each player will be given a score from each evaluator. Each players score will be added up. The top six forwards and top three defense scores will be given a roster spot on the Tier 1 team. The remaining roster spots will be at the discretion of the coach. The tryout scores will be used in consideration when making their selections.

If a player does not make a team, they will be notified of that decision and told which team they will be playing for and the time of their next practice.

If a player does make the team, there will be a Rep Fee that will be paid to AFHA. This fee will cover the extra ice time each week, extra referee fees, and carding fees. During the season, most weeks will consist of 2 practices and 2 games. There are some expectations that come with playing on a Tier 1 / Black team. All team member will make hockey their first priority. The player’s attendance is expected at all practices, games, and tournaments throughout the season. The players are expected to participate in several out of town tournaments. They will have the commitment to strive for and participate in the Provincial Championships. AFHA will support any team that makes the Provincial Championships.

Team fees will be determined by each team individually. The fee amount will depend on how many tournaments, if there are paid coaches, how much fundraising is done, etc.

AFHA Tier 1 / Black coaches are expected to have an Affiliate Player policy. The coaches will be encouraged to use Affiliate Players at some practices and games as needed.

Should a parent or player disagree with their release or the manner in which any releases are made, they must submit a formal request in writing to the President of AFHA within 48 hours. The President (or other Board Member) will review the concern and reply in a timely manner. If required, the President (or other Board Member) will discuss the written concern with the coach or coaches involved. The President (or other Board Member) will report back to the party concerned with a final explanation or decision.

2018-2019 Rep Program to Include:

PeeWee Black, Bantam A and Midget A