When is the Learn to Play Program?

We try to do two sessions a year, one during spring break and another in the Fall.

Tuesday Aug 7 2018  5:30 PM - 6:30 PM  Matsqui Recreation Centre
Wednesday Aug 8 2018 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM - Matsqui Recreation Centre
Thursday Aug 9 2018 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM - Matsqui Recreation Centre

What is our Learn to Play Program?

Learn to play is a three day program designed for girls (aged 5-15) to come out and give hockey a try in a safe and fun environment.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, it is a free program offered to girls who have not been previously registered in AFHA and who are curious about the game of hockey.

Do I just show up or do I register ahead of time?

To Register, please Click Here

Do I have to be able to come out for all the days?

No you do not, even if you can only make it out to one session, that is alright.

If my daughter is a returning player from last year can she come out?

A returning player is also welcomed to come; however, you need to sign up, try to wear anything AFHA if possible and most importantly you are there to buddy up with new players and help them out.

So it's not extra ice for Returning Players to come out for a free skate?

Not unless they are coming out to help new players and grow the game.

You mentioned "Buddy" up, what are you referring too?

We like to have girls from our association partner up with the learn to play girls to make the experience more enjoyable by helping them through the practice.

Hockey is enjoyable?

Of course it is, but Female hockey does not just focus on the game of hockey, it is also a great social experience for young girls to meet new friends for life and gain valuable self confidence.

Do I have to wear hockey gear?

We would like to have every girl trying the program to be in full hockey gear so they can experience the whole package, besides if you fall down it is a lot nicer on your body.

What is the minimum requirement for equipment?

Although we prefer full equipment, please have a minimum of Skates, Helmet, gloves, and a stick.

Where do I get the Hockey Equipment from?

We have all sorts of various equipment that has been donated over the years for anyone to use.

Can I wear my brothers hockey equipment?

Yes you can, as well as any equipment that you have plus we can fill in the missing pieces if needed.

My daughter can’t skate, can she join?

That is what this program is for as everyone needs to learn sometime. We will even have helpers to assist them getting across the ice.

Who will be running the Program?

We will have one main AFHA Coach on the ice while other assistant coaches and volunteers from AFHA will be helping out, on and off the ice. Returning players will also be on the ice to demonstrate the drills and help out others in need.

You mentioned Practice, does that mean nothing but drills and no fun?

Of course not, the program is set up to introduce the basic core skills needed to play hockey and everyone will advance at their own pace. There will be three or four structured practices that will contain various elements of core skating and hockey skills, but most importantly it happens in a very fun and positive atmosphere.

Will they play a real hockey game?

As part of the practices they will participate in fun little various games, but no actual hockey game will take place. If you sign up for the upcoming season then you will get to play all the actual hockey games you want.

If my daughter enjoys this program can she sign up for the upcoming season?

No problem, we will have registration forms on hand for the upcoming season, but please check out the registration page for more information.


For any other questions, please email info@abbotsfordfemalehockey.com