Cross Ice Coaching Philosophy

  • Always keep it FUN and be Safe!
  • There is always someone that could use your help, have a look around, players love it when the coaches work with them individually.
  • When doing full ice drills as a group, if there are players that are slower, feel free to go help them finish but make sure to be creative and fun, for example, pulling them or pushing them.
  • Don't be afraid to pull a player to the side and work with them 1 on 1 if they are struggling
  • Technique is more important than speed
  • We encourage coaches to read the practice plan ahead of time, as the more we are prepared, the more the players will develop
  • Be proactive during water breaks and transitions by setting up drills, cones, and gathering pucks
  • Always use positive reinforcement in your phrases
  • Repetition is the key, reuse key words when breaking down the skill
  • To be efficient and safe, we should have one coach at the start of the line so the girls are ready to go and spaced out
  • Empower the players any chance you can get. One example would be to let them demonstrate the drills
  • Have a good time and enjoy yourself as the players will thrive off your enthusiasm

Cross Ice Development Coaching

If you would like to be part of the coaching staff, please fill out the coaching application HERE